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Lighten Up!

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Lori Beth Jones in her book called “Jesus CEO” writes the following — 

“Perhaps Jesus loved to dance because he was born at a party. I believe any event that has a heavenly light show, people bearing gifts from distant places and a host of angels singing and giving directions is a dance of major proportion. It must have made an impact on him. 

“One of his favorite miracles was to turn water into wine, not vinegar. As his fame and popularity grew, he was constantly invited to dinners at Nicodemus’s or Peter’s or rich young people’s houses. 

“The night before he was arrested, he gathered his staff (his disciples) together to sing songs and to dine. 

“When crowds came, Jesus was adamant that no one leave with an empty stomach. He always managed to locate food for them. He turned one boy’s lunch into food for thousands. 

“He told stories of a king who arranged a banquet and then got angry and disappointed when nobody came. He spoke of a father throwing a lavish party to celebrate a wayward son’s return.

“When Jesus returned from the dead, he prepared a fish barbecue on the shore, sort of a team picnic. He came from a very happy place, and he knew he was returning to a very happy place. 

“When he said, ‘Whenever two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them,’ perhaps he saw a dance coming on. Indeed, his invitations read ‘I go to prepare a place [setting] for you’. 

“I think Jesus is telling us to lighten up. ‘Why do you worry so?’ he would ask. ‘Don’t you see the flowers, how beautiful they are? Do you think God is going to let you wear less then these?’”

Thanks to Lori Beth Jones and to M.T. Kutz.  Thanks to Pixabay for the picture. 

Does this interpretation of Jesus’ deeds and actions give YOU a new perspective of him? Does it help YOU to “lighten up”? 


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