Little Deeds!

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John Killinger, in a sermon entitled, The Great Importance of Little Deeds, tells us:

“It’s an exciting thought that when we die and come into the presence of God and all its fullness, it will not be our major achievements that speak for us, ‘He was president of a bank. She was the first woman senator from her state. He was the author of 22 books.’ 

“But rather the small apparently inconsequential things that we long ago forgot. ‘He mowed my lawn when I was sick. She cared for my child when I went to the store. He sent me flowers when I needed them most. She washed and ironed my handkerchiefs.’

“These are the little things that hold the world together. They are the small stones that comprise the great cathedrals where God is worshipped. They shall be remembered, like stars in the crown of the saints,” says Killinger.

The world desperately needs to see our love in action. I listen to people and all they do is complain. They need to see our love in action and our not be afraid of going out of our way to talk about it. 

You remember the words of the song, “They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love.” Sing it to yourself this week in the car, the kitchen or the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to sing it when others are around!


Three years ago on the last Sunday of August, 2018, I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at Lake George, NY. I wound up talking for several hours with two young 19-year old high school graduates, Joey and his best friend. We mostly talked about their great love for our country and how they wanted to spend their lives in the service of our country. Rather than going right off to college, they were joining the Marines. Yesterday I learned that four members of Joey’s platoon were blown up and died this week in Afghanistan. Joey is safe and at another base in another country, but he is deeply grieving the loss of his buddies. Please continue to remember in your prayers all those who lost their lives in this senseless attack, along with their families and their friends. 

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