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Carl Michalson, a brilliant young theologian who died in a plane crash some years ago, once told about playing with his young son one afternoon.

They were playfully wrestling on their front lawn when Michalson accidentally hit the young boy in the face with his elbow. It was a sharp blow full to his son’s face. The little boy was stunned by the impact of the elbow.
It hurt, and he was just about to burst into tears.

But then he looked into his father’s eyes. Instead of anger and hostility, he saw there his father’s sympathy and concern. He saw there his father’s love and compassion. Instead of exploding into tears, the little boy suddenly burst into laughter. What he saw in his father’s eyes made all the difference! A God Touch

The sharp blow of God’s message to us today is: Repentance. Look into God the Father’s eyes. What he offers you is forgiveness and that makes all the difference. Repent of the sins that have had a hold on you and you will be forgiven. You will burst into laughter!

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