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A house painter was at work atop a tall ladder that leaned against the second-story gable of a house. A small boy playing about the yard, discovered the ladder, and as is natural for small boys, he began to climb.

Coming out to check on her son, his mother was shocked to find that he was more than half way to the top of that ladder.

As the woman stifled a scream of panic, the man at the top looked down, saw the child, and instantly perceived the danger. Signaling the mother to be silent, he calmly said to the child, “Look up, sonny, look up here to me, and keep climbing.”

Rung by rung, he coaxed the child ever higher: “Come on now, keep looking up, keep coming.” At last, when the child was safe in his arms, the painter carried him safely to the ground.

Each of us is somewhere on that ladder today. If we look down, we may be terrified. But we are here to look up. God is saying, “Look up to me. Keep looking up, and you’ll never be dismayed or undone by whatever is down there.” A God Whisper

So let’s look up, up to where our safety lies. Let’s look up, and take heart, and keep climbing toward the Lord.

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