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Love in the Time of the Coronavirus

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Love is not seeing Grandma, except maybe on chat.
When the Internet works,
and no one else in the house is using bandwidth.

Love is cancelling your events, missing that concert,
skipping the party,
watching online sermons to try and find some reassurance.

Love is checking daily reports and worrying when you
or your loved ones will get sick.
Will there be a bed, a ventilator, if, when, you need it?

Love is going over that math problem one more time,
smiling through the frustration, and (not) thinking about
how few juice box rewards are left in the pantry. 

Love is being polite when your partner gets on your nerves,
stockpiling good times during shared quarantine
against potential true isolation. 

Love is hard.
But in the time of Coronavirus, it’s essential. 

By Amanda Haecker

How has finding, expressing and sharing Love been especially difficult for YOU during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic?   
What do YOU PLAN to do about it?

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