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Meeting Jesus!

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Bishop Thomas Gumbleton died on April 4th at the age of 94. He was an auxiliary bishop in Detroit and was very active in the peace and justice ministry ever since he was ordained a bishop at the age of 38. A biography of his life, No Guilty Bystander, by Frank Fromherz and Suzanne Sattler IHM was published in June, 2023.  

To celebrate the publication of the book, Robert Ellsberg had this to say about Bishop Gumbleton in July, 2023 –

What I find most inspiring about him is not that he had all the correct answers in advance – but he was always listening, always willing to grow, to change his mind, always willing to take one new step on a path that is uncertain, even at the risk of his reputation, his status, even his physical safety, if that takes him one step closer to Jesus. 

“I was deeply moved as I read this biography, and I saw how often Bishop Gumbleton was challenged to rethink his position or change his mind because he listened to other people, or opened himself to the challenge of experience, or the question to which  the familiar answers seemed inadequate. 

“He especially listened to the voices of those who were in pain or suffering, knowing that if he followed the sound of their voices, he would encounter Jesus along the way.”

Thanks to Markus Winkler for the picture

I find it rare that when I am talking to someone, they are really listening to me. It seems they are just waiting to have their say about what I am saying or what is on their mind. I realize that I too don’t fully listen to others talking to me. Might it be that I am not willing to grow, to change my mind and to take that one step closer to Jesus?

I surely need to keep listening to the voices of those who are in pain or are suffering, knowing that if I follow the sound of their voices, I will surely meet Jesus along the way? 

Do YOU listen to others with full attention, or do YOU just want to be heard? By fully listening, might YOU take one step closer to Jesus? When YOU listen to the voices of those in pain or suffering, do YOU meet Jesus along the way? 


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