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Memorial Day!

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Memory is a tricky thing. There are some things, however, that we should never forget. One of these is the sacrifices that others have made in our behalf. 

It was a spring morning in 1866, just after the Civil War that had devastated the South. A group of Southerners did something quite extraordinary. They marched down the streets of what was left of their town to a cemetery. There they decorated the graves of the soldiers. All the soldiers — Union soldiers as well as Confederate soldiers.

The mothers and daughters and widows had buried their dead. Now they buried their hatred. The time for healing had come. It was the first Memorial Day

Have you ever wondered why Memorial Day is marked in May? Its date doesn’t recall some historic battle. Or the start of some war. Or the signing of an armistice. Why, then, May? 

For a very practical reason. Because it is a time when flowers bloom. Flowers with which to decorate graves.

Thanks to King Duncan

How wonderful it would be if each one of us this Memorial Day would put our own POLITICAL HATRED to rest and bind up our nation’s wounds…..

Let us think of Freedom not as the Right to do as we Please, but the Opportunity TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT.      

Patriotism demands the ability to feel Shame……as much as to feel Pride. 

How is THIS Memorial Day, as different as it is, a Day for YOU to Get Rid of the POLITICAL HATRED YOU FEEL in Your Heart and to Bloom Where You Are Planted?

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