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A man was permitted to have one wish come true. After some thought he wished for a newspaper dated two years in the future. Miraculously the paper was put in his hand.

Turning to the stock reports, he made careful notes on stocks that had shown unusual growth during the upcoming two years. He would certainly make a fortune. 

Then out of curiosity he looked through the paper and found his own name in the obituary column. He had suffered a heart attack, and his funeral arrangements were spelled out in detail there before him. 

We are going through a time of a terrible pandemic. We are tempted at times to believe that if we could only look into the future, things would be different. What is around the corner? God is around that corner and God has promised us that his presence will be constantly with us and that his grace will be sufficient for every time that we have a need. Our times are in GOD’S hands.

Thanks to Jack Key for his insights. 

MONEY says: “Earn me, forget everything!”

TIME says: “Follow me, forget everything!”

FUTURE says: “Struggle for me, forget everything!”

GOD simply says: “Just remember me! I’ll give you everything!”

MONEY…..TIME…..FUTURE…..What are YOU missing in YOUR life?
 WHO are you forgetting?

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