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There was a man who claimed to be the most accurate fortuneteller in the world. A man once came to this fortuneteller and said he had only one real question about his future and that was, “How will my life end?”

The fortuneteller gazed into the crystal ball and then announced, “Your life will end when you die.” No wonder he was so accurate.

The man nodded and then said, “Yes, but will I be happy?”

“Ah,” said the fortuneteller, “that has nothing to do with the future but what you do in the present.”

He was right again. God’s will is for us to choose to be happy this day and every day. We are to believe the Gospel, to cherish the truth that in all things God is with us and we can be victorious in any circumstance. A God Provide

That does not mean that we will not go through difficult times. It means that we will not let our circumstances determine how we look at life. Rather we will let our faith determine how we look at our circumstances.

Thanks to King Duncan for the story and insights.

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