No Fear of Hell!

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The late Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, William Rehnquist (1986-2005) was born in Shorewood, Wisconsin. After law school, his first practice was in Phoenix, Arizona, and while he was there he heard this story about Arizona that pretty well sums up life there.

In the very earliest days of the settlement of Arizona, the Archbishop of Los Angeles sent a missionary priest out to Phoenix to try to establish a church there. After two years, the priest returned to tell the archbishop that he could not establish a congregation in Phoenix.

“Why not?” asked the Archbishop. “Are there no people there?”

“Well, yes, there are people there,” said the priest, “but those who live there during the winter have no need of heaven and those who live in Arizona during the summer have no fear of hell.”

Thanks to James R. Gorman for sharing. Thanks to Balazs Simon for the picture. 

The priest was truly a sage. In 2023 there have been 30 or more days of 110-degrees or more in Phoenix. 

What creature-comforts do YOU rely on to make this world seem like heaven? 


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