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No Great People Were Ever Born

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A third-grader taught the teacher an important truth: The teacher asked, “How many great people were born in our city?” “None,”replied the pupil. “There were no great people born. They were born babies who became great people.” 

Greatness may not be within the reach of every one of us, but growth is. We are each capable of being a more mature person today than we were yesterday, and tomorrow can find us further along than we are today. 

And when we forget this vital truth, we lose sight of the essential meaning of life and the sources of its deepest fulfillment. 

If a seed in its dark, restless journey underground is not content until it breaks through the mountain of soil and strains ever higher toward the sunlight, will we human beings be content to have our faith remain simply a seed full of potential?

How have YOU GROWN to be a more mature person today than when the coronavirus pandemic began?   What makes you say that?

How has YOUR FAITH during the time of quarantine and isolation been like a seed that can now bloom to its full potential?

It’s been Me, Myself and I the past 3 months….I’d appreciate hearing from you:

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