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No Short-Cuts to Easter!

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It’s not Easter yet, but it won’t be long now, just 5 short days. 

But we have a big problem. To get to Easter Sunday we have to go through the darkness of night.  The only way to Easter Sunday runs right through the middle of Good Friday. That way is not an easy way to go.

Those who don’t have the stomach for the journey, those who seek an ouch-less faith, will fix their eyes only on their TV and computer screens, tablets and smart phones this week. It could well be a lonely spot for us this week who choose to be at the foot of the cross. 

We must not look the other way as we stand there. It’s going to hurt to see him hanging there, knowing the agony he’s going through TOGETHER WITH ALL THOSE SUFFERING AND DYING IN THE UKRAINE AND OTHER TROUBLED PLACES. The only reason Jesus is putting himself through all that is his great love for you and me. 

Another shout will ring out on Good Friday, but it won’t be “Hosanna!” It will be “It is finished”.

And the Son of God will die.                                                                        

Death is just a change of address…..

But what you believe…..and how you live…..will determine what neighborhood you end up in.

Please spend time this Tuesday of Holy Week talking and listening to Jesus who died for YOU. 


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