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No Turning Back

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There is no turning back to yesterday
or to last month,
or to last year….

No matter how much you wish
you could go back 
and live there again
or how much you wish
you could change what happened,
you just can’t go back.

You have to keep moving forward,
my beautiful friend.

You have to summon
all of your inner strength
to let go of who you were then
and use all of your courage and faith
to focus on who you want to be now —
who you want to be tomorrow.

It might take everything you have
to let go of yesterday,
but once you do, 
you can start finding peace today. 

Nikki Banas

Are YOU ready to let go of yesterday and last year?  Are you finding peace in your inner life today despite the coronavirus?

God Often Uses Your Deepest Pain as the Launching Pad of Your Greatest Calling.

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