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A young man enters the traffic court. In minutes he takes his turn before the judge. The judge asks him: “Says here you were doing forty-five-miles-an-hour in a twenty-five-mile-an-hour zone. Guilty or not guilty? How do you plead?”

“Guilty, your Honor,” comes the reply.

“Not guilty,” bellows the judge. “Next case.”

Such an exchange seems highly unlikely in most courts of law. Most judges would simply slap a fine on you.

Yet there is a system of justice which delivers “Not guilty” verdicts on people who do wrong.

This system began when a cry broke the silence of a Bethlehem night. A child was born, and God became a man. Jesus became God’s answer to people who need help.

God had a plan. Jesus was to live the perfect life. He did. When he got older, he began to speak out against sin, and before long he was in trouble. At age thirty-three his enemies brought a case against him, and they crucified him on a trumped-up charge. Three days later, several women visited his grave only to discover it vacated. He had returned to life! God’s power overcame death’s power, and Jesus lived again. A God Provide

Jesus’ resurrection gave birth to a new judicial system. Now those who believe in Christ can offer their faith in him as payment for their mistakes. And when they do, God declares them, “Not guilty.”

Jesus will come again to earth. At that time we will stand before him to receive justice. As those who believe approach the bench, he will look into their hearts and find himself. “Not guilty” will be his response as he turns and says, “Next.”

Thanks to John Krahn

How do you stand with the Lord this Advent as you stand before him?

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