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“Not Responsible For….”

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Have you ever gone to a restaurant, hung up your coat, and noticed a sign warning that the management is not responsible if it gets lost or stolen?

Ever read the small print on your airplane ticket? The airline takes no responsibility for any delays or missed connections, and if your baggage is lost, they only have to pay an amount agreed upon at a convention they held in Warsaw in 1955.  

Park your car in some high-priced garage or lot, and a sign will tell you that management is not responsible for any items lost or stolen from your vehicle. Do those “Not responsible for…” disclaimers bother you? They do me. It seems no one takes responsibility for anything anymore.

I read about a man who was suing a hospital. A doctor had performed staple surgery on his stomach to help him lose weight. A couple of days after his operation, he raided the hospital refrigerator and stuffed himself with everything he could find. This tore open the staples and forced another surgery. 

He was suing the hospital for having a refrigerator near his room. He claimed the temptation was too great. Thus, his complications were not his own fault but the hospital’s fault!

A little girl was sent to her room for misbehaving. Sometime later her mother happened to pass by her door and heard her praying. “God, I am stuck up here because of YOU, you know. Last night I prayed for you to help me be a good girl. Well, you didn’t, so it’s your fault!”

Thanks to David E. Leininger. Thanks to Joseph Gonzalez and Unsplash for the photo. 

What are a couple of things in YOUR life that YOU tend to blame others for and not take personal responsibility?


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