Nothing Is So Gentle as Real Strength

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Today we celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph. Over the past 2,000 years, millions of men and women have been named Joseph or Josephine.

His enduring legacy is interesting, because Joseph never speaks in the whole Bible. He never says a word. He just does. He’s a man of few words. No, he’s a man of no words. Not one grunt or sigh, even. He’s only a man of action. He does. And what he does is trust God.

Sometimes we wonder that our own role in life’s drama may not have turned out to be exactly what we had wished for. We think we have been overlooked, bypassed, and forgotten. We feel our potential has been neglected by our peers, our real worth gone unrecognized.

It may be that we are the Josephs of life. Our destiny could be that of support and strength for another who will rise to sublime heights.

Joseph enables us to see that rather than being downgraded, we have an opportunity to be part of another’s success.       A God Touch

We can learn to live so that those who come after us will say that we were faithful, and like Joseph, be remembered for quiet strength and loving patience.

This is a great reflection for this Lent.

Nothing is so strong as gentleness……

Nothing so gentle as real strength.

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