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Only Children!

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we marched to school each morning
with only one intent 
to strengthen our minds with knowledge 
and understand what our parents meant
when we were children 

we marched side by side, slowly
trusting that we would be fine 
that some hero would protect us 
no one told us we were walking blind
we were only children 

we sat in closets, quiet 
with no one daring to move 
our hands and prayers raised up high 
oh, how our parents would disapprove 
we were only children

we did nothing to him
but you see us on the news 
our faces will be remembered 
and now it’s time to accuse
we were only children 

they blame it on the people 
with no thought being played 
to the weapons bringing violence 
to his tragic escapade 
they forget the children 

the blame is always placed
but no reforms are ever made 
we marched to school so blindly 
and we were still betrayed.
we were only children.

By Felicity Paris

How does this poem make YOU feel inside? Is there anything YOU are going to DO with that feeling inside of YOU to make this world of ours a better world?


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