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Only One Day a Year?

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After dinner on Mother’s Day a mother was washing the dishes when her teenage daughter wandered into the kitchen. 

Horrified to see her mother at the sink, she exclaimed, “Oh, Mom, you shouldn’t have to do dishes on Mother’s Day.” 

The mother was touched by this seeming thoughtfulness and was about to take off her apron and give it to her daughter when the daughter added…. 

“They’ll keep till tomorrow.”

This Mother’s Day take a moment to think of all the mothers in the world who are in need. There are millions of mothers in the world who are trying to feed their families on less than a dollar a day.  

There are women in our country and our world who are wondering how they are going to take care of their children from day to day.  There are children who need medical attention that their parents may not be able to afford.  

While it is wonderful that we set aside one day to especially honor mothers, let us reflect for a moment on all of the things our mothers do for us.  

First of all, they bring us into the world through a biological miracle that is amazing, but certainly not easy.  Then they spend the next two decades preparing meals, solving problems, kissing boo-boos, and helping us learn everything from how to brush our teeth to how to navigate the difficulties of the “real world.”  

They spend the rest of their lives fretting and worrying about us. They care for us in a way that is beyond words. They sacrifice for us in ways we can never fully appreciate.  

Even after they have passed on, and Mother’s Day can be especially difficult for those of us who have lost our mothers, their influence is so powerful that it stays with us always.  

I propose that one day is not enough to honor our mothers. One day is nice, but it is not enough.

What special gift or lesson did YOUR mother leave with YOU that has shaped YOU for life?


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