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Ordinary People

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In the story of the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus we do not have a rascally, villainous cast of characters. We have ordinary soldiers, officials, priests, magistrates, and citizens – all doing what soldiers, officials, priests, and zealous citizens do every day. 

It is the usual “morality play,” with a suspected criminal, arresting officers, prosecutors, a trial, and sentencing. With the exception of Jesus, none of the actors appear to be sterling characters. They are ordinary human beings, with a fair measure of hypocrisy and callousness. But each carries out with fidelity the role that society has assigned to him or her.
“The fundamental reason why Jesus has to die makes the question of responsibility for his assassination pointless. Every society that is founded on money and power, winds up condemning him. 

“Jesus puts people first, making economics and politics less important than men and women.    A God Notice

“Even when it says the opposite, a society may well treat individuals simply as a means to its own selfish ends.”       

Thanks to John C. Purdy

How would Jesus PUT PEOPLE FIRST and not Economics or Politics during this time of the coronavirus pandemic?

How do you and I go about changing our society to reflect PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST as Jesus would do?

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