Our Actions Reveal Who We Are

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A little boy named Billy visited his grandmother in California one summer and almost wore her out with his vigorous activity. She was accustomed to living a peaceful, orderly life. He was in perpetual motion, into everything, and he nearly turned the house upside down. 

One night when they were both sound asleep, there was an earthquake. The grandmother was awakened by the house shaking and in her concern called out, “Billy, Billy!” Billy yelled back, “I didn’t do it, grandma!”

Well, Billy was a little like an earthquake at times to a grandma who liked her quiet lifestyle.

We reveal who we are by our actions. It is by our interactions with others that we paint, stroke by stroke, the portrait of who we are. 

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he looked out among the palms and saw what he had seen for the last three years of his life. He saw a people whose understanding was dim and whose hearts were filled with malice and vengeance toward Rome. Their voices shouted Hosanna but their hearts beat with a bloody desire for war. 

Is it any wonder that they crucified him? No. Not with the disappointment they must have felt when he was arrested and his earthly kingdom movement came to an end.

When you say the words, “thy Kingdom come,” in the Our Father, what actions are you ready to take to make the Father’s heavenly kingdom a reality here on earth? 

No doubt you have heard it said: “The ones that complain the most, are the ones who do the least!”

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