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Our Exuberant Children!

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There’s something exuberant and unrestrained about children. They have an enthusiasm for life that we tend to lose as we grow older. They have a sense that anything is possible. As adults, we admire children’s childish enthusiasm. But it seems that we also tend to encourage the kids to outgrow it.

Syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman, a few years ago, wrote these wise words: “We raise our children with ethical time bombs, built-in disillusionment alarms.” 

“We allow our children their ideals until they are perhaps 13 or 15 or 18 or 22. But if they don’t let go of their ideals, we worry about whether they will be able to function in the real world. After all, the real world is someplace else. We have to be tough and even a little cynical.” 

Goodman goes on to give examples of what she means: “Adults know that clean air is all very nice, but it must be balanced against jobs. Adults know that helping others is neat, but it may well take away their motivation to find a job. Adults know that peace is swell, but we can’t ever trust our enemies to ever stop preparing for war.” 

Goodman concludes that this so-called realism of adults may be the true “junk food” of our time. “We instill ideals in our children, resent it when our children challenge us for not living up to them, and then feel reassured when our kids give up their ideals like sleds or cartoons.” 

Can this be what Jesus had in mind when he asked His disciples not to lose their child-like spirit, when Jesus warned them about not hindering little children on their way into the kingdom?

Thanks to Donald Strobe for these words. Thanks to Unsplash and Andrej Lisakov for the picture. 

How have YOU encouraged the children in your life to outgrow the ideals and the enthusiasm they had when they were younger?


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