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Our Family Circle Is Too Small!

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A Lutheran minister, named Roy Lloyd, once interviewed Mother Teresa. He said that one of his questions and one her answers stands out in his mind as “a bright sun burning in my mind.” 

He asked Mother Teresa, “What’s the biggest problem in the world today?” Mother Teresa answered, without hesitation, “The biggest problem in the world today is that we draw the circle of our family too small. We need to draw it larger every day.” 

With all that is evil in our world today, it would be easy to answer that question with a hundred different events happening that are wrong in our world. That’s what makes Mother Teresa’s response so jilting. 

She is saying that the problem is not so much with the world as it is. We need to see more people as our family members and as our neighbors than we are currently doing. 

I see Jesus doing this in his baptism by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. He identified with all of humanity and with our need to be cleansed of our hatred and prejudice of others. When you and I were baptized, we were drawn into Jesus’ baptism and into the circle of God’s family, the family circle Mother Teresa was talking about. 

Thanks to Brett Blair for these thoughts.

Have YOU drawn the circle of YOUR family too small so that YOU exclude so many of the people that God truly loves and cares for?


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