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Our Special Father!

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A little boy was eagerly looking forward to the birthday party of a friend who lived only a few blocks away. 

When the day finally arrived, a snow blizzard made the sidewalks and roads nearly impassable. The lad’s father, sensing the danger, hesitated to let his son go. The youngster reacted tearfully.“But Dad,” he pleaded, “all the other kids will be there. Their parents are letting them go.”

The father thought for a moment, then replied softly, “All right, you may go.” Surprised but overjoyed, the boy bundled up and plunged into the raging storm. 

The driving snow made visibility almost impossible, and it took him more than half an hour to trudge the short distance to the party. 

As he rang the doorbell, he turned briefly to look out into the storm. His eye caught the shadow of a retreating figure. It was his father. He had followed his son’s every step to make sure he arrived safely.     

Throughout our life God is very much like the father in the story. God is there for us, every step of the way, whether we realize it or not. 

How have YOU sensed the presence of God in YOUR life, a God who is always there for YOU?

Stop Seeking the PRESENTS of God and Start Seeking the PRESENCE of God!

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