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Out of the Tomb!

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Unfortunately, a lot of people are like mummies, all wrapped up in themselves. 

And they don’t want to become unwrapped. All they do is come unwound at the thought of coming out of their safe tomb or stepping out in faith. But Jesus calls us out of the tomb, sets us free and calls us to move beyond ourselves into a life of faith, commitment, obedience and service.

On the old Merv Griffin Show there was a time when he was interviewing some body builders. As he was standing there looking at these guys with all these muscles, he asked a powerful question: “What do you use these muscles for?”

One guy answered by flexing his muscles in one of those body builder stances. But Merv said, “No, you don’t understand. What do you USE all those muscles for?” The guy said, “I’ll show you.” And he flexed again in another stance.

Again Merv said, “No. You still don’t understand my question. Read my lips. What do you USE them FOR?” The guy posed again.

Jesus calls you and me out of our tombs He sets us free and calls us to move beyond ourselves into a life of faith, commitment, obedience and service. 

When we just come to church and sometimes read our Bibles and just enjoy the fellowship of the people we are with, but nothing else, then we’re like those body building guests. 

We’re like mummies, still wrapped up in ourselves. Jesus calls us to move beyond self to a life of faith and committed service.

Thanks to Billy D. Strayhorn and thanks to Jakob Owens for the picture. 

How do YOU respond to Merv Griffin’s question: “How are YOU using YOUR muscles, YOUR talents and YOUR gifts to serve the Lord and to serve others?


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