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Palm Sunday!

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Some time ago a worldwide survey was done throughout the world on recognizable symbols that had some interesting results. The Olympic symbol of the five linked rings was recognized by 92% of the people of the world. 

The McDonald’s golden arches and the Shell Oil shell were recognized by 88% of those who were surveyed. 

The Christian cross was recognized by only 54% of the people of the world. Many conclusions can be drawn from this. One conclusion is that the Olympics, and the people at McDonald’s and Shell are better missionaries than we Christians are. 

The 17th century Dutch Master Rembrandt painted a Crucifixion scene with Jesus bathed in white. At the foot of the cross are Mary and John. In the corner of the painting is Rembrandt himself. Rembrandt was reminding himself that by his own sins he too was responsible for the painful death of his Savior.

Jesus spent 12,045 days on this earth. The four Gospels only tell us about 100 days of his life. Yet all four Gospels give us a detailed look at the last week of Jesus’ life. The early Christian community demanded it. This is why today’s Gospel is so detailed and so long  (Mark 14:1-15:47).

Every detail of Jesus’ Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem he had worked out beforehand. He did not just hop on a donkey and go for a ride. It was obvious he had contacted the owners and made an arrangement. Jesus even had a password: “The Master has need of it.”

Today is the only time Jesus encourages the people to salute him as king. All the other times he disappears or goes to the mountains. 

Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem is an act of supreme bravado. This is High Noon! There is a price on his head. He is an outlaw wanted Dead or Alive! The posse was out looking for him.

For us Christians the cross has remained the symbol of our faith. A wise person has said that when you really think about it, the cross reveals people’s hatred for God and God’s love for people

Believing that Christ died – Is History.

Believing that Christ died FOR ME – That’s Salvation!

Many people throughout history may be worthy – Of Admiration

Only Jesus is worthy – Of Adoration

You and I need to borrow a brush from Rembrandt and paint our faces onto the Crucifixion picture. You and I had more to do with the Crucifixion than we are willing to admit

Thanks to Frank Marino for the picture. 

Spend some time this Holy Week placing YOURSELF in various scenes of Jesus’ last week on earth. 


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