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Passing the Peace!

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There is a true story about a parish that exchanges a Kiss of Peace at services like many parishes do. The peace of Christ is passed as people greet one another with handshakes and hugs and kind words of welcome. 

Nobody thought much about the weekly ritual until the pastor received a letter from a man who had recently joined the congregation. The new member was a promising young lawyer from a prestigious downtown law firm. 

He drafted a brief but pointed letter on his firm’s letterhead. “I am writing to complain about ‘the Kiss of Peace,’ “ he wrote. “I disagree with it, both personally and professionally, and I am prepared to take legal action to cause this practice to cease.”

When the pastor phoned to talk with the lawyer about the letter, he asked why he was so disturbed about sharing the peace of Christ. The lawyer said, “The passing of the peace is an invasion of my privacy.”

In the pastor’s response to this man, we find the truth of the Christian life. He said, “Like it or not, when you joined the church you gave up some of your privacy, for we believe in a risen Lord who will never leave us alone.” And, he added, “You never know when Jesus Christ will intrude on us with a Word of Peace.”

Thanks to Jeremy Rebman for sharing this story. Thanks to Constantin Wenning for the photo. 

Think of a time when Jesus came into YOUR life and YOU became a Peace-Maker and not just a Peace-Keeper. 


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