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Physical Courage – Moral Courage

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When Elvis Presley first appeared on television on the Ed Sullivan show, the cameras would only show him from the shoulders up to not show his gyrations. Compare that with TV today where little is left to the imagination.

When Clark Gable uttered a mild swear word in Gone With the Wind
, it was a nationwide sensation.

Today obscenities spew forth from our televisions. I hear little children use words that would make most Navy SEALs blush.

Nelson Rockefeller’s marriage to a divorced Happy Murphy cost him the Republican presidential nomination. Today, such behavior does not cause a ripple.

Is there anything that makes you blush? Part of the problem is that we no longer have models of morality to inspire us. A God Alert

Because of this week’s federal suit, we learn that parents and students who play by the rules are losing precious seats at elite universities to unqualified students from unscrupulous families with money and clout

The philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once summed up morals and ethics in the question “Who are your heroes?” There aren’t very many heroes of morality around anymore.

Would your children, your family, friends and others consider you as someone to look up to as a moral and ethical person?

What do they hear you saying about people who are immoral or unethical?

Do you speak out or are you silent?

These are important questions for you to ask yourself on a Lenten Friday.

As Mark Twain said,It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.

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