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Please Interrupt!

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Sometimes I feel like an interruption,

and then I want to shrink

back into my shell

and never come out again.

I want to walk away and say,

“I’m sorry I took your time.”

Being an interruption hurts.

It tells me

something is more important than I am.

It tells me

to hurry up and move along.

It tells me

you are looking but don’t see me.

It tells me

you are listening but don’t hear me.

And so I move along.

But, God says,

“Don’t hurry away.

Stick around.

Tell me how it is with you.

Tell me what you’re feeling right this minute.

Tell me why you feel that way.

I want to know you.

You count with me.

I care about you.

Tell me what I can do for you.”

And I go away feeling

God was glad I called.

By Ruth Senter, Time With God

Think of a time when you felt you were an interruption. How did you handle it?

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