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Power, Greed, Corruption!

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There was once an old woman who ran through the streets every day shouting: “Power, greed, corruption!”

For a while people listened, but they eventually went back to their routines as before.

The woman kept coming back every day and shouting, “Power, greed, corruption!”

One day a child stopped the old woman and said to her: Old woman, no one is listening to you.

“I know that,” she replied.

“If you know that you are not changing anyone, why then do you keep shouting, Power, greed, corruption?

“Oh, my child, I do not shout in order to change them. I SHOUT SO THAT THEY CANNOT CHANGE ME!” God Alert

If you look at the world…..You will be distressed.
If you look within…….You will be depressed.
If you look at God……You will be at rest.

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