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A story is told of Abraham Lincoln, who in the depths of the Civil War used to duck out of the Oval Office and attend mid‑day services at a nearby church. Lincoln would slip in late by a side door and sometimes leave early without being noticed. 

But one particular day, when he and his aide visited the church, the president lingered there until after the worshipers had gone, ensconced in a private corner of the sanctuary. His aide finally asked, “Mr. President, what did you think of the sermon today?”

Mr. Lincoln said, “I thought it was eloquent, well thought out, and powerfully delivered.”

“Then you liked it?” the aide continued, trying to fill the silence.

“No. It failed.” The president went on, “It failed because it did not ask of us something great.”

Who in your lifetime has challenged you to be great – For the sake of what God has given you?

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