Pulling Out Weeds!

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Do you remember the Crusades from your history lessons? One of the most awful times in history, when Christians went to war in the name of Christ. 

In one of the first crusades, Christian knights from Western Europe blew through an Arab town on their way to the Holy Land and killed everyone in sight.

It was not until later, when they turned the bodies over; that they found crosses around most of their victim’s necks. It never occurred to them that Christians could have brown skin as well as white skin. 

Pulling out weeds may be necessary in some venues of life, and we should always weigh the cost, before we do it. But in the Kingdom of God, judging who is fit and who isn’t is not easy. There is a cost to the innocent as well as to the guilty. 

In an imperfect world, the innocent can be rooted up along with the evil when we choose to pass final judgment.

Sadly, because of the polarity that exists between the right and the left today, the good names and the reputation of those in public life are being destroyed. Too much good wheat is being pulled up with the weeds.

Thanks to Brett Blair for these thoughts. Thanks to Zhang Kaiyv for the photo. 

Are YOU just repeating what YOU heard on TV about someone in public life? Remember, only God knows the full story and the truth!!


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