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Pursuing and accumulating power as some form of adrenaline…..leads to self-destruction. Real power is love, love that empowers others, love that sparks initiatives, love that no chain can hold because this love is capable of loving even on the cross or on a deathbed. It has no need of youthful beauty, recognition or approval, money or prestige. It simply flows forth and is unstoppable. When slandered or defeated, it unquestionably acquires greater recognition.

The Jesus who was weak and insignificant in the eyes of politicians and the powerful of the land revolutionized the world. There have been many revolutionaries in history. Yet none of them have had the force of this revolution which brought Jesus to us – a revolution to transform history, a revolution that changes the human heart in depth.

The revolutions of history have changed political and economic systems, but none have really changed the human heart. A God Notice

True revolution, the revolution that radically transforms life was brought about by Jesus Christ through his resurrection. In this day and age, unless Christian are revolutionaries, they are not Christians. Words of Pope Francis Are you a revolutionary? How can you trust in God for a more radical transformation in your life?

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