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Replace the Lamb!

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The recent events going on in Russia bring to my mind a story that circulated during the World’s Fair that took place at Flushing Meadows, New York in 1939-1940.

With World War II raging in Europe and the Pacific, Russia brought an exhibit to the World’s Fair entitled, “World Peace.” It was based on the image of the wolf and the lamb together in Isaiah 65: “The wolf and the lamb shall feed together,” that signifies the warring countries living in peace.

The Russian exhibit was a large cage that contained a Russian wolf and a little lamb, feeding peacefully together. It was an impressive exhibit. The Worlds’ Fair drew over 25 million people and many sought out the Russian exhibit. 

One day someone asked the Russian curator the obvious question: “How in the world do you do it?” The Russian curator replied, “Oh, it’s really simple. We replace the lamb every morning.”

In our Christian faith, we never replace the Lamb, even though we consume the Lamb when we receive Communion. Jesus is the Lamb of God, in us and in the world as we work hard to bring peace to the political parties at war in our country. You can never replace the Lamb of God. So you and I must bring the Lamb’s peace into our country and into our political parties. 

Thanks to Kat Smith for the photo.

How can YOU watch what you say and how YOU look down on others who have different political views than YOU do?


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