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Without sustainable economies, people cannot survive.
The challenge is to create the safest means for people to live and work.
The entire world has come to a halt because of a single incurable virus.
We know how to identify and track it. 
We know how to minimize the threat.
Treatment is improving, though not enough, yet.
Protection equipment remains in deficient supply.
Needed is a better strategy and detailed plans to move ahead.
Required is extraordinarily compassionate and competent leadership.
The pandemic is resetting every aspect of our lives.
It is time to pool our thinking and refine our focus.
The good old days will not return as we knew it.
All businesses must reset, and some will lose viability.
Your job may not return as you knew it.
Now is the time for the reckoning. 

By James George

How will YOUR life be permanently different because of Covid-19?

How will your relationship with Jesus be different because of your new way of living?

What will you hold on to?   What will you let go of?

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