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I hope you wear your Covid-19 mask when you are out and about. But there are OTHER MASKS besides the Covid-19 masks that we wear. We need to remove the OTHER MASKS that we put on…..

Be brave enough
To take off the masks
You wear out there
And get to know
Who you are

Be vulnerable enough
To accept your flaws
And know that they are
What make you human;
They are what
Make you real.

Be confident enough
To accept and cherish
Your strengths. 
Don’t minimize them
Or hide them….
They are your beautiful gifts
To share with the world.

Be brave enough to say,
You know what,
All of this
Is who I am.
I make so many mistakes.
I can be forgetful, 
I am messy.

I am doing my best
With what I’ve got.
I am so proud of that. 
I am so proud of me. 
And I am proud of
Who I am becoming.

By Nikki Banas

Other than the Covid-19 mask that you wear, what other psychological masks do you wear?
How does it feel when you take them off?

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