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Show Me a Sign!

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One of the very first things we always ask for in the midst of uncertainty, disaster or trouble is: “Lord, show me a sign.” 

In the movie Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carrey, there’s a scene where Bruce’s life has fallen apart. He’s gotten fired, beat up when he tried to help a homeless man holding a sign, and he’s had a fight with his girlfriend whose name just happens to be Grace. He’s driving along feeling sorry for himself, talking to and yelling at God.

“OK, God. You want me to talk to you? Then talk back. Tell me what’s going on. What should I do? Give me a signal.”Just then he passes a lighted traffic message sign which is blinking the words: “Caution Ahead.”

He ignores it and continues his rant. “I need your guidance Lord, please. Send me a sign.” About that time a truck full of traffic signs pulls out in front of him. Very visible are the signs: “Dead End, Stop, Wrong Way, Yield, No Crossing and Do Not Enter.”

But Bruce ignores them, he doesn’t see what he’s asking for. He complains about the truck and whips around it only to eventually run into a light pole. He gets out and yells at God. At the end of the scene he hollers: “Answer me.” And just then his pager goes off with a telephone number. Bruce says: “Sorry, I don’t know you. I wouldn’t call you if I did!”

I think Jim Carrey nailed how we feel in the middle of a crisis, in the middle of despair. And he also captured exactly what happens. We ask for a sign and we’re so blinded by what’s going on in our lives that we can’t see the signs for the fog of our emotions.

Thanks to Billy D. Strayhorn for sharing this.  Thanks to Gabriel Soto for the photo.

Have YOU seen a sign from the Lord in the midst of YOUR uncertainty, disaster or trouble? 


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