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Some Words From a Reader!

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On Friday, December 15, 2023 I told the story of Mother Teresa opening a new mission in New York years ago. The Archdiocese of New York gave the place a new coat of paint, new carpeting and new water heaters. 

When the Archbishop arrived for a visit, the new carpets and the new water heaters were now trash on the curb. Mother Teresa thanked the archbishop but she never wavered in her conviction. If the nuns were to serve the poor in the richest city in the richest country in the world, then they must live simply. They prepared for their work by simplifying their lives. Their spiritual grounding depended upon their simplicity of life.

I went on to mention that as I drive through the cities of South Florida and up North in the suburbs of Chicago, I see beautiful million dollar homes being torn down to be replaced by five and ten million dollar homes. I begrudge no one the fruits of their labors. But as an 80-year old, I wonder and I worry about the spiritual grounding of America. I have read so many articles the last few years that ask the question, “Has America lost its soul?”


Kathy, a long-time reader of Treats for the Soul, responded with this email……

Thanks for yet another winner, Father Med. 

Keeping it simple is important. Living beneath our means is much more admirable than living above them and deep in debt. 

My cousin is a case in point. She is a wealthy woman, who came from very modest means, went to DePaul, worked very hard and invested wisely. She lives in a double-wide trailer in Boone County.   

Some health issues had her considering moving to senior housing that offered continuing care like The Moorings, Luther Village, The Garlands, etc. After touring all of them she declined.  When asked what changed her mind, she said “I could afford it, but then I would have less to give others.” I am her power of attorney, with a shared bank account.  

She is very generous to charities that serve Native Americans and also children. Later last year she paid off her sister’s mortgage. She remains in her double-wide trailer she now calls her “tin-dominium, keeping it simple…I aspire to be more like her.     Kathy

When I told the New York story about Mother Teresa and what she did to keep life simple for herself and her nuns, I said to myself, “Well, that’s Mother Teresa, who else would do something like that?” Then I got Kathy’s email and I said to myself, “Laz, YOU CAN BE like Mother Teresa, live within your means, and give a whole lot more to children and families who have a whole lot less than you do. Being like Mother Teresa is not beyond your reach, Laz.” 

Thanks to the Blow Up for the picture.

I’d really like to hear YOUR reactions to what I publish and send out every day.  I know there are a lot of Kathy’s out there in cyberspace that I would love to hear from. 


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