Lest we be too critical of Jerusalem, ask yourself this question: What city even today would not be shaken by Jesus’ entry into it? 

Imagine Jesus entering New York, Washington, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Paris or Rome. Oh, I’m sure we’d welcome him with our Hosannas – at first, anyway.

 We’d line the streets and strike up the band and have a grand parade right down Main Street. 

But I’m equally sure that, by the end of the week, we’d have him nailed to a cross, too. Why? 

Because the Kingdom Jesus came to establish still threatens the kingdoms of this world — your kingdom and mine — the kingdoms where greed, power, and lust rule instead of grace, mercy, and peace. 

And who among us really wants to surrender our lives to that Kingdom and that King?

Thanks to the staff at eSermons and to Pixaby for the photo.

Have YOU surrendered YOUR life to Jesus and to his Kingdom?