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One of the biggest problems in a culture like ours is proper time management. This is not because we have any less time than others. It’s because the alternatives are so many. 

Because we have money, because we have ease of transportation, because the urban centers we live in have much to offer us in ways to make use of our time – any of us can find ourselves in a situation where we can’t possibly do everything that might be done. 

The opportunities become a blur and we find ourselves in a maze. Sorting out the minutes and hours becomes an awesome task. And in the process, people – those people around us who are dearest – escape our notice. Their needs go unmet, unserved. Many times those people are the little people – our children and our grandchildren.

Some argue that our children do not need the quantity of our time if the time we give them is filled with quality. It’s true. There’s no need to give our children even fifteen minutes of our time, if all they experience through us is negativism or unrest or a spirit of impatience.

But most good teaching takes sheer time. Our loving and caring spirit, our understanding and calmness, and our devotion to Jesus Christ in word and action, need to seep into a child’s mind and soul. 

Such sharing rarely comes through a quick torrent of kisses or a fleeting, kindly word. It takes time and patience. Indeed the very spending of time with our children is part of our communicating to them that they are valued and loved.

Wonderful words from Richard Patt

How has YOUR caring spirit, YOUR understanding and calmness and YOUR devotion to Jesus in word and action during this time of the pandemic, seeped into YOUR child’s or grandchild’s mind and soul?

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