Ten Things I’ve Learned from Gardening

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10. We really do “reap what we sow”. Good seeds bear good fruit.

9. Without rains and storms there is no growth – no fruit is produced.

8. When weeding, be careful! We can’t always tell the difference between a nasty weed and a beautiful flower.

7. Deep roots are a good thing. Without them, we’ll wither and die.

6. Pruning and trimming, as painful as it seems, actually works to our advantage.

5. In gardening, as in life, cheating does not work. Short-cuts, slipshod efforts, and neglect always show up in the quality of our garden.

4. Like anything worthwhile, beautiful gardens require attention, hard work, and commitment.

3. We cannot rush the harvest. Bearing fruit takes time and patience. Premature fruit is almost always sour.

2. Gardening and growing is a lifetime experience. We can experience growth and beauty until the day we die.

1. Fertilizer happens! In fact, nothing much grows without it.

By Allen Rumble

Whether you have a green thumb or a brown thumb, which of these 10 things apply to your personal life?   How do they apply to your spiritual life?   Why do you say that?

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