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“Thank You, God!”

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Once upon a time there was a giant who lived near the top of a high mountain. Every morning he would climb to the top of the mountain and fill the valley below with the roar of his anger and his insults. 

            Across the valley, on an equally high mountain, lived another giant. Every morning he was roused from his sleep by the noise from across the valley. So he would stalk to the top of his mountain and howl back at the other giant. 

            On one such occasion, a tiny worm down in the valley poked his head up from the earth and saw how brightly the sun was shining. And despite all the noise from above, the little worm was heard to say: “Thank you, God, for such a beautiful day!”

If we humans could only be like all the rest of God’s creatures and creation. 
By our very existence, we would praise and thank God for all God has given us. 
            We would get off our high mountains, stop all our shouting and bickering and get down to earth with the lowly, yet lovely little worms and say

                   “THANK YOU, GOD, FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY!”

Fr. Med Laz

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