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Thankful That I’m Thankful

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For some people, Thanksgiving is just another occasion for feasting, football, and resting up for “Black Friday”. As someone has said, “If God had meant for us to not stuff ourselves on Thanksgiving, God would never have created 40-pound turkeys.”

In the Comic Strip, Hi and Lois, the son asks, as they have gathered around the Thanksgiving table, “Why do we always have turkey on Thanksgiving?”

Lois hesitantly answers, “Well…because it’s a tradition.”

The son asks: “What’s a tradition?”

His brother interrupts to say, “Something we’ve been doing for so long we can’t even remember why.”

That’s the danger, isn’t it? That we forget what Thanksgiving is all about.

I’m reminded of a church Thanksgiving party I went to several years ago. In the course of the party each participant was asked to say what he or she was especially thankful for.

Many of the usual blessings were mentioned. But a timid young girl said, “Oh, I’m just thankful that I’m thankful.” What a wonderful feeling to have! We ought to be thankful that we are thankful.

When I am truly thankful, I remember my debts to those who have gone before me.
I think seriously about my responsibilities to those who will come after me.
And most of all, I thank God for never, ever giving up on me.

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