The Age of Efficiency

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We have called this the Information Age, but I would give it a different name. 

I would call it the Age of Efficiency. We want every process streamlined – we want it efficient. The doctor’s office doesn’t want you checking in with the receptionist anymore, that is a time waster. Through the miracle of technology, they have streamlined the time wasting process of having you write your name. Now you walk up to a computer terminal and type your name, forget talking to a receptionist. 

They have efficiently eliminated all the time wasting human interaction of the past. The future of the world, our society, and technology all look headed toward increased efficiency.

We are in a time when we don’t prize human interaction. We stare at screens, small and large, when we are right next to people. We don’t prize service, love, tenderness or sacrifice. We are a culture that has set our sights on the goal of Absolute Efficiency.  

Thanks to Dan Matthews for sharing. 

What you do for yourself alone dies with you. What you do for others and for the world remains and is immortal.

How did YOU feel the last time YOU were with someone and all they did was stare at a screen?

What are YOU doing to improve YOUR human interaction in this Age of Efficiency?


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