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Most of us pay little or no attention to our inner, spiritual world, except when we do a little soul searching. It is then that we become aware for a short time of the things happening deep within us and not just around us.

The world inside of us is just as vast as the light years of the universe in outer space.

Through modern science we are now analyzing more and more the molecular, atomic and subatomic composition of human matter. As we continue to explore the physical makeup of our brains and our bodies under the microscope, we come closer and closer to the wonder and mystery of what God created within us and how God the Spirit breathes love and goodness deep within our beings. A God Provide

One day I asked a class of first graders if they could hear God speaking inside of them. One little girl raised her hand and said that she could, she could hear God speaking within her.

I asked her where inside of her she could hear God. She replied, “Oh, in my heart.”

Then I asked her what was God saying to her.

Without hesitation she said, “Boom, Boom, Boom!”

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