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The Core Buried Within Me

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Tender One, 

How blessed I am, God, to have

your love, your peace, your reassurance –

you give me the comfort I need

to live my hardest days.

How blessed I am, God, to have

your strength, your courage, your self-control –

you give me the grit I need

to make tough decisions and follow through. 

How blessed I am, God, to have

your grace, your forgiveness, your promise of new life –

you give me the mercy I need

to say, “I’ll make different choices today,”

and then do so. 

You see me, God, as I truly am –

the core that’s been there since

I was a baby and blossomed as a child. 

A core buried beneath all of these layers.

A layer of responsibility here and layer of image there…..

the layers of expectations others place on me…..

the layers of self-doubt and fear. 

Please help me shed the layers, God,

and return to the core.

Help me reclaim who I truly am –

the person you’ve created me to be. 

May I live boldly, 

speak confidently, 

love unconditionally, 

forgive readily, 

and trust deeply. 

Shape my life to match my soul. 

With refreshed honesty

about myself and my heart, 

I thank you for loving me as I am. 

I embrace my true essence

and your work for me today. 


“Rekindle the gift of God that is within you…”

2 Timothy 1:6

By Arianne Braithwaite Lehn

From: Ash & Starlight, Prayers for the Chaos & Grace of Daily Life

This is a special prayer for you to pray today!

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