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The Distance Between Us

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It’s not the space between us
Defining who we are
It’s how we can make an impact
No matter near or far

To say that I can touch you
Means more when out of reach
These moments when there’s distance
Reveal more that we can teach

To know this separation
Will change your view of things
The value of what’s important
And what makes your heart sing

Through all this separation
Relearn how to connect
You’ll gain a sense of oneness
And perhaps new-found respect

By Robert Longley

Distance is about our shared experience as a planet during the Covid-19 epidemic. We have a long tradition of hugging, kissing and shaking hands that has now been completely interrupted for the first time in recent history. This isolation is something we aren’t used to and we are needing to relearn what the process of being connected really means. 

So what will our world look like when this is all over? What do you think? Will we have discovered new ways to connect? Will we have a new-found respect for each other and the fact that we are all connected?

I would especially love to hear from you and how you are doing during this pandemic along with your comments, questions and suggestions. My email address is: This is the address I check throughout my day. 

Fr. Med Laz

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