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Many people are convinced that possessions are the measure of their worth.

We exert great energies in collecting things until there is no more room in our homes, garages, or offices for all the tokens of our experiences.

It is not long before we realize that problems accumulate right along with our possessions. We need lawyers and accountants to help us structure our lives. We must construct stronger safeguards to secure ourselves and our possessions. Peace of mind is purchased with alarms, greater police protection and insurance policies.

Without question, our society reinforces the idea of having more and then worshipping what we have. We are induced to buy and buy again, then discard and buy newer and better and more.

It seems we are only reminded of the true value of love or life when we are faced with its loss. God Alert

This is a lesson that is as old as human history. It still takes some of us a lifetime to learn. God Poke

Material possessions, winning scores and great reputations are meaningless in the eyes of the Lord.

The Lord knows who and what we are…..and that is all that matters.

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