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The Healing Touch

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In a nursing home living room there were frail men and women slumped in wheel chairs. Their chins were on their chests or their heads were leaning limply on one shoulder. Some were drooling.

All the chairs were lined up in front of a television showing a soap opera. The sound was much too loud for anyone, even those hard of hearing. It was a miserable sight. But then something unexpected happened.

A young girl, maybe 7 or 8 years old, stepped away from her mother who was visiting someone. With her mother’s encouragement this little girl placed her hand upon the hand of man slumped in a wheelchair, numb, the living dead. A God Touch

She looked at him and smiled as she said her name. “What’s your name?” she asked. A healing began to take place in the living room of that nursing home.

The man tilted his head up slightly and looked at her. His face broke into a smile and he said his name. Then the little girl went from person to person in each wheelchair offering the same healing touch and the same welcoming benediction.

No one tossed a wheelchair out the window and no one danced a jig, but everyone there experienced, for a moment, the restoration of the community of life where everyone has a place.

This is the wondrous, social healing that Jesus brings through people like this little girl.

Thanks to Roy W. Howard for this story.

Give God your weakness……And God will give you his strength!

God can heal a broken heart……..But you need to give God all the pieces…..

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