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The Kingdom of Jesus

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What kind of a Kingdom does Jesus have? No castle nor palace has he.  No congress nor parliament sitting, deciding what laws there will be. Perhaps he has need of but two laws: Love God and your neighbor as well. To obey them is all that is needed, as all of the saints can tell.

He has neither army nor navy, no air force to guard the frontiers to keep out the strangers unwanted and maintain the enemy’s fears. Immigration he seems to encourage, of some quite disreputable, like fishermen, publicans, sinners. To such he is hospitable.

It seems there’s no revenue service or taxes we must calculate. He surely cannot run a Kingdom on what we put into the basket! No 1040 form comes in April to fill out before the fifteenth, with penalties charged for nonpayment, beginning upon the sixteenth.

No currency’s here with his picture, no coinage engraved with his name. And where are the posters and slogans proclaiming his power and fame? And I see no trappings of kingship, no robes made of velvet and fur, no crown made of gold set with diamonds, to befit our supreme arbiter.

Jesus said that his Kingdom was really not what Pilate had thought it had been. It was not of this world. And its glory was not of the kind to be seen. For those of us here in his Kingdom, there is one other thing we have known: of the kingdoms around in his lifetime, it’s the only one left with a throne.

By Andrew Daughters

Have YOU given up on earthly kingdoms and earthly politicians?

Why have you NOT given up on Jesus and his Kingdom?

Jesus proclaims his Kingdom in my new novel – THE GATHERING. It’s a great summertime read. 

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