The Little Things!

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All of us know people who get all tangled up in the web of “little things” and thereby miss the “big things.”

There is the young professional couple with two little children who were simply trying to get ahead and provide for their young family. “I woke up one day,” the mom said, “And my son was on his way to college and my daughter in her last year of high school.

There is the older couple in their late 70’s who are still working 12-hour days in their family business.  Both still are enjoying their good health. They commented to some friends, “We’re thinking we need to slow down a bit and enjoy life.”

“You had better get busy!” the friends answered.

We do it to life and we do it to our life of faith.  We let the “little things” push out the “big things.”  So many people let one priest or minister or one “hot-button church issue” close the door on their participating in a supportive faith community. The priest or the minister will be laid to rest and the “hot-button church issue” will become a footnote in history. Yet the faith-seeker goes spiritually hungry day after day without a supportive faith community.

How has the COVID-19 quarantine affected YOUR participating in a supportive faith community? Is a clergy person or a “hot-button church issue” a sufficient reason for keeping YOU away from a supportive faith community? 


My special Thanks to all who tuned in to our Building Dreams Virtual Event on September 16th. Your donations are sending HOPE to the students and community of Roseaux, Haiti as Food for the Poor plans to build a new school after the 7.2 August 14th earthquake. Through your generosity, so far we have raised $86,020.00. Thank you so much! If you missed seeing the Half Hour Event, go to:

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